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Master Shield of America

Posted by realtorjara on June 4, 2016
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Master Shield of America offers high quality ceramic coating for residential use in the Orlando area. If you need exterior house paint and you want long term results, opt for ceramic coating instead. Using an exterior ceramic coating on your residence provides an impact resistant, durable coating that repels fading, molding and moisture buildup. It also guards against thermal shock and provides UV ray protection. These benefits are especially important in Florida’s heat and humidity.

The way your residence looks is important to you, and it’s important to us, as well.

Regular exterior house paint can be thin and weak and will fade in a few years. Our ceramic coating can be used on almost any exterior surface, including stucco, concrete, wood, vinyl and brick. Additionally, our ceramic coating has no harmful vapors or chemicals that can be bad for the environment.

Why would you want to use regular exterior paint when you can use our exterior ceramic coating and make your home the showplace it was meant to be? With endless color choices, 100% financing, senior discounts and lifetime warranties, you can’t go wrong with Master Shield exterior ceramic coating in Orlando and all of central Florida.

Don’t use exterior paint, use exterior ceramic coating instead. Call us for a free in-home consultation 407-578-1244.


Master Shield of America provides a revolutionary line of high quality coatings and seamless roofing systems for virtually any application, regardless of the situation.

Our Roofing Systems Include:

  • Protective Coatings
  • Full Reinforced Liquid Applied Systems
  • Polyurethane Foam Roofing
  • Heat Reflective Coatings

Call on Master Shield for all your roofing needs. Master Shield can be utilized to waterproof repair, or re-roof most roofing systems and substrates, i.e. Polyurethane foam, build up, single plys, metal, tile, shingles, modified bitumen, concrete and wood.

Master Shield’s Seamless and Chemically Bonded systems eliminate most common failures of most roofing systems (premature seam failure and loss of adhesion). We also offer unsurpassed weathering characteristics for the sunbelt environment. As about our “very special” system for roofs serving the dual purpose of “activity above” and “living or storage below.” This special system is durable enough to successfully withstand traffic, yet provide an attractive, weatherproof finish. Call us for a free in-home consultation 407-578-1244.


Master Shield of America can make your business stand out from the rest with its high quality exterior ceramic coating. When it’s time to paint your business or commercial building in Orlando and all of central Florida, regular exterior paint that’s thin and watery can’t give you the long term results you want and need.

Master Shield’s exterior ceramic coating is 10 times thicker than regular exterior paint. Plus, it seals, insulates and protects against mold, moisture buildup, and fading. It also protects against thermal shock and is impact resistant. In addition, it offers UV ray protection. It’s better than regular exterior paint because it’s adaptable to a variety of surfaces, including stucco, concrete, wood, vinyl and brick. No matter the composition of the exterior of your commercial space, Master Shield has got you covered.

Our ceramic coating has no harmful vapors or chemicals to damage the environment.

In addition to the many benefits of ceramic exterior coating for your commercial building or business, Master Shield offers 100% financing, free estimates, lifetime warranties and senior discounts.

Don’t wait any longer to discover the difference ceramic coating can make. With an endless number of colors to choose from, your business will stand out in Orlando when the job is completed.

Master Shield employees bring experience and professionalism to every job whether you have a small business or a large commercial business. We want you to look good. Call us for a free in-home consultation 407-578-1244.

Information provided by RealtyWonders.com. We don’t have any affiliation with Master Shield of America. This is just a free information service.

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