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Palmetto Bay Real Estate Report March 2023

Posted by RealtyWonders on April 12, 2023

Palmetto Bay Real Estate Report March 2023

Hello and welcome to our Palmetto Bay Real Estate report for the period of March 2022 to March 2023. In this report, we will be covering the latest trends in the real estate market in Palmetto Bay, including total amount of listed and sold prices, the number of units sold, average price per square foot, and total sales. Let’s dive into the DATA ANALYSIS: Over the period of the last year, a total of 252 units were sold, bringing in a listed price grand total of $288,061,431 in sales. The average price per square foot across all units sold was $432.9. Looking at the individual months, we see that the months with the highest total sales were May and June of 2022, with $36,440,405.00 and $36,889,900.00 respectively. These months also had the highest number of units sold with 31 each. The month with the lowest total sales was November 2022, with only $8,537,000.00 in sales and 8 units sold. The average price per square foot varied throughout the year, with the highest average being in November 2022 at $514.7 per square foot, while the lowest was in March 2022 at $396.1 per square foot. As a CONCLUSION: Overall, the real estate market has shown steady growth throughout the year. While there have been fluctuations in average price per square foot and total sales from month to month, the year as a whole has brought in strong results. We hope this report has been helpful in providing insight into the real estate market for the past year. Thank you for tuning in.

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